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    The Call It Closed Opportunity 

    Call It Closed International Realty is a national brokerage, created BY agents FOR agents. We have combined the best aspects of all types of real estate business models, from traditional brand name brokerages to local "mom and pop shops" to cloud-based virtual companies to give you the absolute best opportunity available to be successful in your real estate business NOW, as well as creating the potential for you to build your own business and earn a real residual income!  


    Own a Real Estate Business with Little Risk and Unlimited Potential for Growth

    Call It Closed International Realty is structured as a multi-tiered company.  This structure is designed to let you choose to be like a "brokerage within a brokerage," but instead of you spending thousands of dollars to open your own company, we supply all the systems you need to make money now and potentially make even more money later by sharing the Call It Closed International Realty opportunity with other agents.  Our platform offers you many benefits that traditional real estate businesses just can’t match.

    Keep more of YOUR money

    No more wasting money on commuting to an office with a broker that just takes more money out of your pocket. At Call It Closed International Realty, you keep 100% of your commissions! You are in charge of your own destiny. Instead of making your broker rich, all the work you do actually benefits you! 


    Call It Closed International Realty is a portable business. Your cell phone and computer go with you where ever you want to do business, whether you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives in another city or another country!

    Residual Income

    Perhaps the greatest benefit that our multi-tiered structure offers is the potential for lasting income. You will always earn a portion of the broker commission (also known as a transaction fee) on the Associates you introduce to Call It Closed International Realty, continually reaping the benefits of your hard work.

    We’ve designed Call It Closed International Realty for your success. There’s little risk and unlimited potential. A passion for success is all you need to achieve a level of prosperity you never thought possible.


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